* Several swimming areas

* Green zones

* Camping area for families. (Quiet)

* Camping area placed at the WIM’s heart, a few meters from the Castle’s entrance and at the top of the city hill, which it makes a full connection between the activities and all the WIM community.

* Bathrooms and showers at both camping areas.

 * A XIII c. Open Air Medieval Castle in which will happen all the main concerts.

* San Vicente Mártir church with its XVII c, pipe organ perfectly recovered.

* Equipped and adapted main area of the Santa María de Vadillo Convent (XIII c.)

* More than 10 classrooms in old villas and houses all over the medieval city.

* Vegetarian and Vegan catering.

* Conditioning area for RV’s and vans.

* Zona segura donde guardar los instrumentos durante el encuentro


Our infrastructure  guarantee a full living experience and meeting development. There is no problem if you come with your dog, all your sheeps or your lovely goat, in this meeting we have space for everybody, even tough you will have to be full responsible at any moment.

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