Live, learn, share, grow… your little family these days. Every morning from Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th intensive course of your choice.


Each registration includes the attendance to 3 different workshops distributed in three shifts (18h in total). First shift on the first weekend (Saturday 20 and Sunday 21), second shift during the week (Monday 22 and Tuesday 23) and third shift during the week (Thursday 25 and Friday 26).


Free access to all concerts, jams and activities. In the WIM every day there is a performance, every day is unique. Enjoy, dance, get excited… in the chill out, in the castle, in the bar area… in every corner of Frías.


There are two camping areas. One in the central area of the meeting with all amenities, hot showers and toilets and another quieter area with the same services in the football field, 15-20 minutes walk, far away and less noise.


Family breakfast every day, rich and nutritious to start the day full of energy. An authentic show included with your registration. There is also an optional lunch voucher (lunch and dinner) for all the days of the meeting (vegan cuisine).

Registration Periods

From 10 to 17 April – 20 limited passes at a reduced price of 230€

Until April 25 – 30 limited passes at a reduced price of 260€

Until May 15 – 60 pases limitados at a reduced price of 290€

Until June 15th – 60 passes to 310€

Until July 18th – price 335€

From 18 July 350€

In order to make your registration correctly and quickly it is very important that you consult the timetable beforehand. We will update the places for each workshop (they are limited).

Important Information

he courses and workshops are continuous so to ensure a smooth operation is not allowed to change without the organization previously authorized depending on the places available.
Places in workshops and courses are limited.
The minimum number of attendees to carry out a course is 8 people.
The timetable may change until the start date of the meeting, which will be communicated to all registered through the contact information provided.

Food Tickets

-> 100€

All the food we serve at the WIM is vegan and is our way of claiming an alternative, ethical and sustainable way of eating. We are looking for a meeting point for the entire community that will be part of the WIM and it is an opportunity to talk to all of us who make this possible. As in the last three editions the food service comes on wheels from the hand of Pedro Gervás and his team Boom Boom Rest. The full voucher includes all lunches and dinners from Friday 19th (dinner only) to Saturday 28th. Each meal consists of 2 vegan dishes, dessert and bread. The amount of vouchers is limited as this meal service feeds the WIM educational community, volunteers, technical equipment and organization.

Kid´s Registration

-> 40€ Until 18 July. 

As a novelty this year we have enabled an inscription for the smallest ones. We want that with the time the kids find and have better defined their space, we consider in a future to make a WIM for these ages and this is one of our steps to achieve it. Parallel to the activities of the adults, the kids will have their space so that we all can enjoy the courses and workshops without problems.
Soon we will have a registration form for the smallest ones!

How do I register?

1 – Fill in and send the Registration Form.
2 – Enter the full amount via bank account including in the concept: COMPLETE NAME (Of the participant) + INSCRIPTION WIM2019. In the case of booking the food voucher: FULL NAME (Of the participant) + REGISTRATION WIM2019 + MEAL (25€)
3 – Send proof of payment to (please do not send doubts, this email is only used to receive receipts).
4 – You will receive an email with confirmation of registration once we have received the money in the account, this can take up to 5 working days depending on your bank. Do not wait for us to confirm your place in the course to make the payment,, if you have been able to choose in the form means that there are places.

Bank details:

Holder: Asociación Juvenil Movimiento por la Cultura Libre

Account number: 3060 0001 76 2222336725 (Caja Rural)

IBAN: ES73 3060 0001 7622 2233 6725 (Caja Rural)


Subject: (Full Name) + WIM2019 REGISTRATION + Food Ticket (optional)