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This workshop is aimed to people who have a minimum average knowledge of violin.

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The course is aimed to approach the traditional repertoire of Galician bagpipes and their adaptation to the contemporary violin performing. It will be divided into two sessions of 3 hours each.



Introduction to the traditional bagpipe repertoire. During this first session we will work on melodies of the traditional Galician repertoire, their ornamentation and rhythm.

The violin in traditional Galician music. In this second session we will focus on the repertoire of the violinist Florencio ‘O Cego dos Vilares’, who was a violinist, singer and counter from Fonsagrada (Lugo) and main reference of the violin in Galician traditional music.

– Revision of the traditional repertoire.
– Understanding and differentiation of the rhythms of traditional Galician music.
– Adaptation of bagpipe ornamentation to other instruments.
– Phrasing, accentuation and other resources.
– Rhythmic patterns and basic harmony for the accompaniment of the traditional repertory.



Classically trained violinist, She comes into contact with traditional music through the San Simón Fiddle string camp.

After participating as a pupil in the first edition of this camp, she is interested in the world of traditional music. She began her studies of folk violin with Alfonso Franco in the E-Trad of Vigo, finishing the advanced degree in June 2018. She is currently studying the Superior Grade in the speciality of General Pedagogy and Musical Language in the CSM of Vigo.

She has received courses of important music of the traditional panorama and Galician folk as well as Begoña Riobó, Quim Farinha, Xosé Liz or Anxo Pintos among others. She has also participated in workshops with various international artists such as Casey Driessen, Hanneke Cassel, Laura Cortese, Brittany Hass, Jacky Molard or Darol Anger, what summerices having a wide range of influences.

In addition to being part of the group Caldo, he participates in other projects, such as the folk orchestra Sondeseu or DADGA, with whom they have just recorded their first album.


• 11 April, 2018

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