This workshop is aimed at instrumentalists or those interested in getting to know Gnawa music first hand. If you have doubts about the functioning of the different courses visit the FAQ.


Mourad Belouadi was born in 1982 in the south of Morocco. A self-taught musician and composer with an unlimited curiosity, he masters various musical universes, sings and plays around 60 different instruments.

For many years he travelled and explored his country from one end to the other to find the masters who could transmit to him the classical repertoire of Gnawa music. It is through the Guembri, a three-stringed instrument, made of wood and camel skin, which offers us many possibilities for the development of pentatonic scales, that Mourad decided to play this spiritual music linked to the trance with the great power and refinement that characterizes it.


Introduction to Moroccan Gnawa music: spirituality and trance
Introduction to the Guembri, instrument of the Gnawa music and its intervention in new musics.
Practical learning of the Guembri as a melodic and percussive instrument
Learning the traditional chants of Gnawa music
Using the traditional songs learned as a basis we will make a joint composition of Gnawa music with the intervention of the different instruments that are in the workshop.


Mourad Belouadi was born in 1982 from M’hamid el Ghizlan in southern Morocco and currently lives in Salé. A self-taught musician/composer with unlimited curiosity, he dominates several musical universes with a multitude of instruments (he sings and plays about sixty instruments). His talent and passion for music have led him to play music from African ethnic cultures such as the Moroccan Gnawa, the Ahwache, Andalusian music (Guembri-Cora-balafon-n’gouni-percussion and singing), but also blues (guitars), jazz (flute-trom-braza and double bass) and Indian music, such as the raga (sitar-tabla-flûte Bensuri). Through these instruments his music is of a deep sensitivity and a unique beauty. He is fluent in traditional music and gives it a personal and original touch.

Mourad is known as “magic fingers” because he constantly surprises by transforming any object he finds in his hands into a musical instrument. His link with the rhythms of the desert, the land of his origins, is palpable. He approaches musical creation with a deep authenticity and an auditory, tactile and visual sensoriality. It tells stories using a wide range of sound colours. For many years he travelled and explored his country from one end of the world to the other to find masters who could transmit the classical Nawa repertoire to him (nawa comes from the word Gnoue meaning “silent”). The Nawas were slaves, who were “Tondibi” prisoners of war and were not allowed to express it).
In addition to traditional music, Mourad Belouadi has a wide repertoire, has collaborated with great names of the jazz and blues scene, such as pianists Ami-no Belyamani (Morocco-USA), Christian Belhomme (France); experimental music with Alexis Paul (France), Steve Shehan, composer and percussionist (France-USA), Jaime de la Pena (Spain) and electronic music Remix culture, (New York-USA Morocco). He has offered numerous concerts, also compositions for cinema, documentaries and music workshops.

• 10 April, 2018

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