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This workshop welcomes any artist, the content will be taught in a very basic way and understandable to any neophyte in these matters.





LECA (Laboratory of Experimentation and Artistic Creation) was born in the heart of a collective of cultural agitators in León, a city that has numerous active artists and historical experiences around sound experimentation. This acoustic laboratory is the space of creation and work of the artist Genzo P.: rapper, audiovisual producer, sound designer, electronic musician, music selector and poet based in Leon.
Among the objectives of LECA is to generate a space for the creation and documentation of the production of artistic projects, the exchange of learning and support both artistic creation and to promote hybridization between researchers, composers and musicians.





The artist Genzo P. proposes a small workshop where you can discover basic notions about sound, recording techniques, tools and how to experiment with sound and recordings.

All this content will be imparted in a very basic and understandable way for any neophyte person in these matters.

Through this basic knowledge any artist can use them to improve, professionalize and take a step forward with their work and artistic creation.



“Many are the ways to make a biography of oneself as an artist.
There are the coñazo, those that have mini-stories with battles (real or invented), the minimalists, those of autobiographical book…
A thousand formats that sometimes give almost all the value that one lived in a big city, studied in a lot of places and a thousand more details that sometimes are simply absurd.
In short, I hate biographies. They should just summarize your work, so I’ll try.
I have developed several projects for solo concerts and with other artists (35mm, sh 201, 0.0.9, Cunetas, Exmachina, Arspoetrix, etc).
I have collaborated with “Acéfalo Narciso teatro” (En la línea del frente) and with “Emesis colectiva” (Alteridad). All these works do not have a publication in physical or digital format.
“The first experience” (2011).
“The Hum (2012).
Forming the Fibonacci group together with David Encina
(Notone), we publish the work “Claroscuro” (2014).
“SH-202” (2015).
“E.C.M” (2015).
“0.1.0” (2016).
“Thesis of Sound Environment Chapters I, II, III, IV” (2017).
With Laura R. del Amo subsequently and up to the present time we realize productions audiovisuals, for highlighting, we do video productions on exhibitions made by MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art CyL).

Important are the collaborations that I develop with the artist Eduardo Fandiño, from this website to the production of the videos of the “TESLA Sound Experimentation Festival” through his exhibition project “Pink rice o please, please, please!”.


• 6 April, 2017

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