Anybody interesting in learning or developing their knowledge in acrobatics and other circus exercises.

Adji will adapt herself to every single participant in order to let them discover meanwhile they experiment or refine into circus world.


the workshop consists in discovering the main disciplines related with floor workouts and all the different beneficts of working on this circus disciplines through the body.


Several activities related with acrobatics and human piramids will be tought where everyone will be able to increase its difficult for the most brave ones.

to make people feel more confident we are going to start with team games in order to facilitate the integration, meet each other, prepare our bodies and create a worm and friendly hambient.

Every one of these fields ins going to let as develope a body knowledge, self-confidence, concentration, coordination and agility.


Adji is a Senegalese woman who dazzles by its strenght and energy. In 2009 she met SenCirk team where she is participating in developing the asociation since then.

Adji was in the senegalese gymnastics national team, she learned with Modou who was the man in the Circus troupe.

Six months later she was already taking part in the SenCirk shows mainly as a stunt.

In 2010 she became into a coach for endangered kids in Dakar, and afeterwards she became into one of the main coaches and supervisrs in Sencirk.


SenCirk is the first circus troupe in Senegal, but it is a lot more things than only that.

It is an asociation based on helping social and medical endangered kids by using all the circus resources.

It is a crew of proffesional artists, coaches, volunteers and all around volunteers. Circus is the places and the way of exchanging, meeting and comitment. It is a circus school that cooperates with local schools and asociations that considers circus as a transformation tool that developes kid´s artistic point of view, his fisical and mental capacities at the same time.

• 3 April, 2018

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