Aimed at all those who wish to discover and learn from the hand of a Colombian musical formation the Colombian musical diversity with styles of the Pacific and Atlantic.


HAGA QUE PASE offers an intensive course during the WIM19 of rhythm and ensemble on the musical diversity offered by the African Diaspora in Colombia. The styles will be Currulao, Aguabajo and Bunde del Pacífico and Bullerengue, Garabato and Cumbia del Atántico. Through these styles we will get closer to the history of the black communities in Colombia and their cultural resistance in the territory.


A – The rhythmic bases of all these rhythms will be studied through the mother instrument such as the tambora.
B- Several traditional songs will be assembled, one of each style according to the instruments played by each person.
C- We will create a song in its totality of collective form through a motive coming from the marimba, we will choose a rhythm of the previously practiced ones and we will practice the improvisation on this new song.


Haga Que Pase (HQP) is an explosive urban music band that fuses different contemporary rhythms without leaving behind the ancestral sounds of Colombian folklore, leaving as a result a show full of color and joy.

Haga Que Pase was born in June 2011 in the city of Cali, thanks to the initiative of its director Jhon Javier Ramos (Jota Ramos) from Villa Rica – Cauca, who brought this proposal to Colombia after making a sound exploration in more than 20 countries in Latin America and Europe. Carol Hurtado (co-founder) responding to her training as an actress has managed to generate a particular synergy between music and theater, which has allowed to give a special touch to the staging of the group making it one of the main sources of attention of his followers.

In 2014 they release their first album with 10 songs, entitled “Música pa’l barrio” and in 2016 they surprise the public again with their singles “Pueblo” (tribute to Villa Rica – Cauca) and “Lantana” (campaign against gender violence).

Thanks to their strong proposal, they have participated in important national and international festivals, such as: JAS12 (Peru), QuitoFest 2013 (Ecuador), Festival Bandola 2014 (Colombia), AJAZZGO 2015 (Colombia), Feria de Cali 2016 (Colombia), CAPICUA tour 2017 (Mexico), among others. At the same time they have been recognized as one of the musical proposals of greater projection and relevance of the Colombian southwest: Cultural Industries of the Valley 2015 and Secretariat of Culture, Tourism of Cali 2017 and prizes Ra La Culebra 2017.


• 29 March, 2018

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