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The course is suitable for all levels, no vocal technique or previous knowledge is necessary. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ.


In this course, I propose to discover the magic of singing to multiple voices, with polyphonic songs from the Mediterranean: Occitania, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy … and also songs from East Countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine. We will also sing songs from the Spanish repertoire in polyphony (jotas…). It’s not a vocal technique course, we’re just going to learn powerful songs, and sing them with our natural voices.

We will not explain, nor will we talk: we will practice, sing, in large groups and in smaller groups. We will have fun with rhythm and voice games. We will warm up with Qi Gong exercises to energize and prepare to generate the most archaic and primitive vibrations of collective music.

This course is a course for all audiences. It is not necessary to have a beautiful voice, because the polyphonic singing does not care for beautiful voices. It only matters the harmonics, the intention, the desire to take something primitive, and the human communion around something very old, very archaic …

Greg Duveau

Self-taught singer and percussionist, current member of the Vagarem group, of medieval music and “Gipsy Sacred Songs in Provence”.

It also facilitates several workshops per week of polyphonic songs and Mediterranean percussion to 120 students.

Director of 3 choirs: Cantecorn Tribe, Hypolaïs Tribe, Nadalik Tribe.

He also conducts a didactic project of polyphonic singing and mediterranean percussion.



• 24 March, 2018

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