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The course is aimed to anybody interested in theater in professional or amateur way.

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In this Latinoamerican Theater course: TOOLS FOR A COLECTIVE CREATION, participants will inquire through the foundations of the latinoamerican theater crations along the XX century. We are going to give a look and name all the main directors, dramatists and pedagogues during that century, whom have started the way is being followed nowadays in the contemporary theater. The course is also based in practice as it is basic for the participants to understand and explore the languague in its different shapes and group and individual exploring methods. As we start with the premise “theater is a collective exercise borned from an individual need” the most important part of our investigation will be based on team work.





  • Inquire through latinoamerican theater history.
  • Recognize the main latinoamerican dramaturgues.
  • Explore the main directors and their creating methods.
  • Looking into the method: COLLECTIVE CREATION by Enrique Buenaventura.
  • Spot the groupal rith or the groupal dinamics as a source of creation.
  • Maximize  the groupal and individual work.
  • Optimize the creativity papacity using the least external resources as dressing, objects or make up.
  • Promote the interest about investigation and the theorical basements of any tool used for the performing.


The course is going to be divided in three different exploring phases:

  1.  LUDIC CREATIVE PHASE: we are going to explore the main ludic-pedagogic tools for the team work.
  1. THEORIC AND DISCUSSION PHASE: all the topics related with the history of the latinoamerican theater and its main agents are going to be exposed in this part.
  1. PRACTICE PHASE: Everyday we are going to work in one, two or three different short plays that have to be performed by the group in its entire lenght, just a part or as a lecture depending on which play it consists on.
  1. FINAL SAMPLE: at the en the group is going to make a shortsample of one or several plays that they were interested along the course.



Actrees, Teacher and Singer graduated in the master of dramatic art by the Universidad del Valle.

In 2008 she launch a grop of femenim theater called CANALETE,was invited to take part in diferent independent performance as an actriss in Cali such as: Cualquiera Producciones, Fundacion Teatro del Valle Independiente,  Teatroas, Canovaccio Producciones, Mandrágora en Escena, LABORACTORES y Teatro La Concha. She have started over 20 different plays with all this different groups and keep working with them in order to refresh all the repertoire.

She has been a producer an manager of proyects for the departament of Scenic Arts in Universidad del Valle. She in a project for the Unated Nation (ACNUR) for kids and young guys with migrating problems in Arauca.

Took part in the Encuentro Nacional de Jóvenes Dramaturgos, managed by the Universidad de Caldas in Manizales city, in september 2010, where she could publish her first short play:  “MI NATURAL SOBRE AGUDO”.

She has been working leading  and managing some cultural proyects in an international way as the Encuentro Internacional de Jóvenes Activistas Sociales JAS 2012 (Perú) y JAS 2016 (Colombia).

In 2011 she started the musical project “Haga Que Pase” where she is the scenic director and the singer. They have been touring  for several national or international.

Since august 2016 she´s been working as a teacher  in performing, scenic voice ,  movie estethic and movie montage in the Universidad del Valle placed in Buenaventura. where she have directed the plays:  UN DIOS SALVAJE (Yasmina Reza) and DOMINGO PERFECTO PARA EL DESCONSUELO (Tennessee Williams).

At the begining of 2017 she started an independent theater company  “7 Sorongos” developing the collective creation Pinocho está en el Congo, directed by Juan Carlos Osorio and written by Patheni Buitrago.


• 23 March, 2018

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