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There are no specific requirements for this workshop, just feel called by the music of Java and its peculiarities.
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This workshop will be taught in English.


Attending this workshop you will experience a journey through the culture and musical traditions of Java. Also you will build some Javaneese instruments.
It will be a journey through the way of playing, feeling, sharing and living music on the island. Basic pieces of the Javanese culture jigsaw as Gamelan, Bundengan, Gule Gendin, Rantok, etc will be presented. If none of these words are familiar for you, you may find yourself in a completely new and enriching workshop.




The aim of our facilitator, Luqmanul Chakim, is to share with the audience his particular vision of the music, both Java and other parts of the world. His musical career is being developed between the music from the West and from his own island. Music is a faithful reflection of a territory’s society, and this is his first premise for bringing to Frías and sharing Javanese traditions and knowledge in this workshop.

Audiovisual material, handmade instruments, stories, experiences and live music are some of the many tools that will be used in this workshop to open a debate and a space in which to share points of view and curiosities about the instruments and ways of life that have very little in common with those here.



Surakarta ethnomusicologist graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Arts.

He began his training as a keyboard player and member of different western music bands. Meanwhile studying ethnomusicology he begins to learn and explore the local culture. This is where he understands the different ways of understanding music and the people through it.

He immerses himself in these traditions by starting on his own initiative to record, investigate, investigate and recover the knowledge, songs and traditions of his culture. The next step he takes is to try to share with the rest of the world everything he has been collecting and learning. Winner of several contests, awards, scholarships and with a wide curriculum of collaborations, compositions, workshops and courses.

Best ISI Surakarta graduate with Cum Laude predicate – GPS 3.80 / 4.0 (2017)
Winner of the band contest “Lustrum” SMA Negeri 2 Wonosobo (2010)
Winner of the band contest “Mendolo Expo” Wonosobo (2010)
Winner of the band contest “Kejajar Wonosobo” (2011)
3rd Wonosobo Choir Contest Winner (2011)
3rd Winner of the “Wonosobo Expo” Band Contest (2011)
Best keyboardist, Band Contest “Lustrum” SMA Negeri 2 Wonosobo (2010)
Best keyboardist, Band Contest “Mendolo Expo” Wonosobo (2010)
Best keyboardist, Band Contest “Kejajar Wonosobo” (2011)
Semifinalist “Indomie Jingle Dare”, Yogyakarta (2011)
Outstanding Student of Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Surakarta (2015)
Top 15 Outstanding Indonesian Student Finalist (National Level) (2015)
Founder of the “Buddy Program for International Art Student” at ISI Surakarta (2015)
Wonosobo Tourism Ambassador – Intelligence Category (2017)

• 4 April, 2018

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