Aimed at any type of artist who wants to learn to take off his hat with art and elegance. We will learn to play with this object so that all the participants can take a few tricks with the hat. No previous experience is required. Each participant must wear a hat.


Throughout the two sessions we will learn to play with an everyday object and with wide scenic possibilities. We will work from the game, individual and group exercises, developing juggling and manipulation techniques. We will facilitate the creation of sequences of movement with the object, starting from something as simple as taking off the hat to the investigation in pairs and trios of the infinite possibilities that the hat gives us.


Javier Amigo, trainer and circus artist, graduated in Circus and Physical Theatre in Circomedia England. He is coordinator of the School of Circus and Physical Theatre of Torrelavega since 2005 and has been one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Spanish Federation of Socio-Educational Circus Schools. He has participated as an expert in pedagogy in the development of the CATE project (European circus pedagogy manual) together with other European trainers.

He is currently working for the Malabaracirco circus theatre company, mainly as a creator and artist, as well as continuing to develop his pedagogical facet in various circus training projects in Spain and Europe.

• 27 March, 2017

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