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Workshop suitable for all types of instruments and for all levels. If you have any questions regarding the level of the courses and workshops, please visit our FAQ.




The workshop focuses on offering, studying and sharing the working customs, techniques and collective exercises usually used by the Seward group to compose, rehearse, record and play live.
This meeting aims to deepen the community processes of learning and collective creation, investigate and compile different forms of improvisation of each country or region, instrument and/or musical genre; redefine and question the limits of the show, the song and the instrument; explore new popular musical genres and build new accessible scenic formats through the elimination of aesthetic barriers and artistic prejudices towards a way of making and thinking music for the common good.





The workshop is given by Juan R. Berbín, Pablo Schvarzman, Adriano Galante.

Nine years advancing at full speed on all kinds of stages have led to the creation of this sound manifesto, a declaration of attempts that draws better than ever the multiple faces contained in the free song and Seward’s apotropic performance. Seward is a collective of sound action, free song and performance in perpetual forward movement. Uncut Magazine says Seward plays “avant-folk fuel anarchy”, Kristian Davis-Downs confesses that “I haven’t seen anything as shocking as a Seward concert in 15 years as Director of Operations leading Beggars Group [XL-Matador-4AD-Rough Trade]”.


The title of his latest work confronts the mythical slogan of passive resistance taken from Melville’s Bartleby, “I would prefer not to”, encouraging rather direct action and collective participation through a present and vindicative WE PREFER TO. A phrase that has defined and defines the activist, free and collaborative spirit of Seward since its origins. WE PREFER TO (Gandula-Foehn-Moorworks, 2017-18) was entirely recorded in Denton, Texas, produced by Seward, Scott Solter (St. Vincent, Mountain Goats, Dirty Projectors…) and Matt Pence (Midlake, John Grant…) and mastered by Carlos Freitas (Sepultura, Caetano Veloso, Omara Portuondo…) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. WE PREFER TO was edited in a special format (a tea bag created by the group, a matchbox and a deck of personalized cards) with HD digital download.

Traditional percussions and experimental drums, a banjo with distortion and effects, a voice with many personalities, electric guitars, manipulated extracts of speeches, conversations and films, sound artifacts, field recordings, a double bass and sometimes even a section of free winds… A Seward show can happen anywhere and at any time. It can be a popular meal cooked and served by themselves, a walk through the city with their audience giving 7 concerts in one day or the improvised and manipulated live soundtrack of any film, play, poetry or dance.

UNCUT MAGAZINE: “Fuel avant-folk anarchy from Catalonia. Miles off the mainstream musical map, Barcelona quartet Seward make a ragged and impassioned racket that borders on outsider art”.

LINE OF BEST FIT: “People write manifestos proclaiming themselves as alternative visionaries, but achieve nothing close to the unpredictable, eccentrically cohesive whole that Seward whip up, which contains as much for the informed insider as it does the engrossed newbie”.

A NEW BAND A DAY: “There is life in Seward’s music, a humanity that most bands find near-impossible to weave into their music”.

ROCKDELUX: “An exciting emotional and spiritual journey around popular music”.

MONDOSONORO: “Great, effervescent, powerful and crazy, unclassifiable and contagious, magical, unique, charming… One always looks forward to more”.


Teaching experience

I work with groups of adults and minors from a psycho-social-musical point of view, social worker and singer convinced that music is a great tool for learning, growth and psychosocial healing in Spain and Colombia in collaboration with various entities:

*Association MADRID DOOR OPEN, educational and musical activities with minors (Madrid, 2009-2010)

* YEHUDI MENUHIN Foundation, support in artistic-social and musical activities with minors (Madrid, 2009)

*NOMADESC Association, group workshops on vocal technique with minors and adults and lyrics composition (Colombia 2010).

*VOCAL TECHNIQUE AND STYLE CLASSES individually and continuously with teenagers and adults (Madrid 2012-2017).

* LA KANDELA School group workshops on vocal technique and voice psychology with adults (Madrid 2013-2014)

*MEZZKLA AND DELIA RECORDS ASSOCIATION: group workshops on vocal technique, flamenco tangos and Spanish coplas singing and voice psychology (Madrid. 2017).

* COMRADE Association group workshops on IDENTITY AND socio-health issues, NGO care for adult immigrants (Madrid 2005-2015)

*Spanish lessons to foreign adult population. ASISI (2004), MPA (2007). Madrid


• 11 April, 2018

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