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Aimed at guitarists of all ages, and levels that wish to advance completing their flamenco guitar training, as well as percussionists, singers and dancers who wish to learn to perform on stage, accompanied by flamenco guitar. The percussionist dancers and singers will learn their lace in a flamenco show and will support the guitarist classes for their correct understanding of the different styles of flamenco
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Francisco Prieto “El Currito”, has gone from being an unknown guitarist to becoming the revelation artist of the XXI National Contest of Flamenco Art of Córdoba. His brilliant performance in the final of the contest earned him the National Guitar Prize. In this course he will reveal his vision of flamenco, the different styles of flamenco will be worked as soloist (practical exercises, falsetas and own compositions of the master), as well as accompaniment (singing, dancing and percussion).




  • We will mainly work the way of feeling. The student will learn to feel the instrument, to be able to transmit all kinds of emotions.
  • We will work on the control and speed of the hands: various exercises will be carried out for the release of the hands, in order to perform various compositions, as well as falsetas for singing and dancing.
  • We will learn different updated tones about the modern and flamenco guitar.
  • Scales of picados.
  • Master’s compositions will be taught.
  • We will work on improvisation.
  • It will be given notions on how to compose your own music, from some bases previously established in the classical / flamenco guitar.

    It is imperative that the students know how to listen and have an open mind to understand and absorb the new methodology of the new modern flamenco guitar, as well as the compás.



Francisco Prieto “El Currito”

With an innate virtuosity, Francisco Prieto starts on the guitar with only five years from the hand of his father Antonio Prieto who guided him in his first steps in music. At the age of 11, he premiered on stage with the singer Jose Mercé at Peña Flamenca in Porcuna. At age 16, he gets his first prize for the best Guitarist of Córdoba in the Villa de Puente Genil Competition. In 2002 the prestigious singer Juan de la Vara invites him to collaborate on his album, with this album he begins a new stage in the recording studios crossing borders until arriving in Venezuela to collaborate with the singer-songwriter Goyo Reyna in his fusions disc of Venezuelan and flamenco music in 2003. In the Caribbean country he is received by the big door and is invited to take part in the dance tour of Daniela Tugues.

In 2004 he returned to Spain, to collaborate with the famous violinist David Moreira and the percussionist Diego “El Negro” Álvarez, in the well-known tablao “Casa Patas”, during his stay in Madrid he also performed at the Corral de la Morería. That same year, Jesús Quintero is not indifferent to his talent and invites him, along with his father who is also a concert guitarist, to an interview on his program “Ratones Coloraos” on Canal Sur de Andalucía.

From that moment he undertakes a series of presentations that take him to explore Andalusia and the rest of Spain alone, in theaters and imposing scenarios such as El Palacio de Viana and various historical monuments of the region. In his credit, he has accumulated numerous awards such as: 1st prize, 1st Guitar Fields Prize, 1st Villa de Puente Genil Prize, 1st Jaén County Council Award, 1st Bordón Velero Award in Málaga.

In 2016, after a long break in his career, he obtained the 1st place in the National Flamenco Art Contest of Cordoba, considered as the most important prize in his genre and through which his name began to sound with strength as the revelation guitarist of the year. In 2017 he fulfills his great dream of premiering with his company and with great success his first show in his native Córdoba, “Corazón Flamenco” was the name of his first recital with which he captivated hundreds of people at the El Silo Municipal Theater Pozoblanco. After this important premiere is presented at the Quintero Theater in the imposing city of Seville with great reception by the Sevillano public. In the year 2017 he participated as part of the poster of the White Night of the Flamenco of Córdoba 2017 with the reduced format of his show. In February 2018, he was invited by the CajaSur Foundation to participate with his company in the Conciertos Sentidos series, where he sold out all the tickets and surrendered to the euphoria of a public completely devoted to his guitar. In March of 2018, he is invited by the City Council of Cuellar to present his flamenco recital at the Municipal Theater of the town with full capacity in the town of Segoviana.

In 2019 he will release his first solo album with which he will seek to step on the big

• 23 March, 2017

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