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Intended for all those people who dare to live the journey.  No previous knowledge of dance or music is necessary.



Dare what you’ve never done! There is no such thing as error!
In this workshop we will work in a practical and experiential way from art (dance, music, words, painting and other plastic arts) to reach what inhabits our interior and begin a path of development. We will do this through body awareness, emotional awareness, creative expression and body vibration (voice).
Together we will create a protected place in which to be and share without judgments. This workshop is just the beginning, the door that opens to self-exploration and reencounter with the power of self. Group strength makes this process move, gives us the support to make the leap.
You are already, the change is in you.




– Strengthen internal listening through intuitive feminine power.

– Create a sacred space of collective resonance and discovery in which share and accompany us on the way.

– Explore the vibration of the body and its healing power through the voice.

– Experiment freely with the feminine creative energy.

– Expand individual and collective self-knowledge.

– Unblock the physical to connect with the emotional and use art as a way of liberation.

– Explore negative emotions (e.g., shame, fear) as a source of potential creative, see the “mistake” as a new opportunity.

– Compose from joint improvisation using the different arts.

– Grow together, reaffirm and celebrate life.

– Initiate together a path of learning and growth by becoming aware of our inner voice.

– Reconnect with the sound of our own body and use the voice as a fundamental tool of expression.

– To feel the power of the voice and its effects on our physical and emotional state.

– Filling the WIM scenarios with women



Musician, ethnomusicologist and musical educator. She investigates the process of transformation of musical life from voice, body and movement. Entrepreneur and lover of multidisciplinary art.
In her Project Durga: Music from Within, she combines music, pedagogy, emotions, psychology and body intelligence, starting from the prenatal stage to adulthood.
She teaches music for babies, piano, music and movement and prenatal singing in different schools such as the Escuela de Música Creativa de Madrid and Músicas del Mundo at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He facilitates free improvisation groups of different ages in different parts of the Spanish and Latin American geography.
As a researcher, she is part of the collective Memoria Viva, in which she seeks to build a collective cultural-musical memory of Sierra Mágina from the eyes of women through the recovery of oral transmission songs. Knowledge of Indian music, sitar and singing.





Singer, actress, therapist and pianist. Always in search of creative expression and liberation fundamentally from the voice. Exploring the union between improvisation, the body and the arts as a tool for self-knowledge and personal growth.
A restless, curious and travelling soul on the path of learning, passing through her musical exploration of opera, jazz, modern music, ethnic music and renaissance music.
Training in Psychoastrology and Evolutionary Tarot working as a therapist for over 3 years. Classical training in piano, Opera and Vocal Technique Theatrical Training.









Sound in transit. After completing his training in classical piano and composition he slides towards a more open vision of music that integrates the intuition and wisdom of the body with the sounds.
In the search for full musical expression he enters the field of voice, improvisation and sound research through other means such as electronic treatment, spatialization and unconventional interpretation techniques.

• 29 March, 2017

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