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Groove and improvisation workshop on Basque music and dances aimed at any type of musician or instrumentalist with musical knowledge in order to follow the normal development of the workshop.


One of the WIM classics is back: Groove, Creativity and Tempo’s workshop, this time with a common thread: melodies, bertsos metrics and Basque dances.

We will take the Basque musical style as an example to develop improvisation on our own melodies. There will also be exercises to develop the tempo in a creative and participative way.


– We will sing and play melodies from the Basque songbook and dances from Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

– We will practice improvisation gradually, starting from the melodies. We will take melodic motifs to start and finish our solos. We will practice it in 4/4 and 3/4 bars.

– Whoever feels it, will be able to show melodies from their roots or their own, we will sing them and play them, and we will improvise with them.

– We will use simple harmonies (one and two chords) to later develop them further.

– And all this we will practice with our friend the metronome, using it in a creative way to develop our internal tempo.

Ander Garcia

Ander graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Deusto in 2001 and later began his jazz studies at the Centro Superior de Música del País Vasco, MUSIKENE, obtaining his degree in 2008.

His group CiTRiC is selected by INJUVE, which leads him to play in the jazz festivals of Ibiza, Getxo, San Sebastian, Madrid and Brussels, among others. With CiTRiC he wins the Jazz Contest City of Barcelona 2009, consisting of the recording of his album “Mandra”.

In 2008 he moved to Madrid, where he worked as musical director of Sheilah Cuffy Project and the multidisciplinary work LONDON, of the company Cre.Art. In the city he established himself as a double bass player, accompanying prestigious musicians such as Jeff Berlin, Rodney Kendrick and Rhonda Ross, Jorge Pardo, Perico Sambeat, Chris Kase, Marcos Collado, Bob Sands, Moisés P. Sánchez, Chema Sáiz, Victor de Diego, Román Filiú, Verónica Ferreiro, Noa Lur, Borja Barrueta, Marc Miralta, Carlos Carli, Martin Andersen and many more. Since then Ander has played in international festivals in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Holland, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Ireland, Germany, etc.

His musical interest also leads him to become involved in fusion groups of jazz and South American and Spanish music (Amerikanda – Celia Mur), R&B and Hip-Hop (Soul Commanders), Rock (Ángel Celada, Jose Bruno), Pop (Gato Charro) and electronic music (Towards Green). His debut album “Ttun Kurrun” has been selected as one of the best jazz albums in the country in 2013. This project has been presented live at the BBK Jazz Festival in Bilbao, at the Jazzaldia in San Sebastián, as well as in prestigious venues such as Jimmy Glass in Valencia or Bogui Jazz in Madrid.

Ander has released three albums as leader (Ttun Kurrun, Live in BBK, HIRU) and three albums as co-leader (Citric: Mandra, La Luna and Otros Espejos with Cristina Mora, Collado.Garcia.Benito: Suite 2). He is a member of the quartet of trumpeter Chris Kase with whom he recorded the album “Let Go”.

• 28 March, 2017

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