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This course is addressed to professional and amateur musicians, as well as also to singers. This course is taught in ENGLISH.

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During the course we work collectively on  greek and eastern scales, rhythms, working on repertoire of early and late period of rebetiko and traditional music of greece. We assimilate musical characteristics of east mediterranean mosaic in order to feel familiar with the  differences between various local musical idioms . Studying instrumental pieces and songs we wonder how close is east to west like when rebetiko was born in Izmir and after was transformed in the port of Piraeus and Athens.




  • We will follow the orchestration of the old gramophone recordings.
  • After we will experiment with instruments changing  roles .
  • We will improvise balancing  between music forms and our contemporary sound.
  • Movement games and small words will helps us to feel the traditional rhythms  of the pieces.
  • We will coordinate our mind with our body inviting the awareness and the emotion.
  • Closing, vowels and small words will guide us to improvise on music scales with a way they are used on each era’s culture (amanes, gazel, miroloi)



Avgerini Gatsi

Was born in Athens in 1989 .She first started piano lessons at the age of eight. She studied at Pallini music high school where she was taught both the theory and practical side of Byzantine and European music,ney,saz,ud and piano. After high school she was admitted at University of Athens ( UOA) , and also studied Eastern music theory at the Athens conservatory. She has taken part in seminars at the Labirynth workshop in Crete with Omer Erdogdular (ney), Yurdal Tokcan (oud), Zohar Fresco (rhythm), Mercan Erzincan (Turkish Chalke song), Ross Daly (composition-makam) and Socrates Sinopoulos (makam) and other vocal workshops with Spyros Sakkas.

Since 2012 she teaches ,both greek folk and rebetiko singing at choirs in Athens and at musical workshops in Greece and Europe. She has cooperated with several musicians and groups: Alexandros Papadimitrakis, Michalis Kouloumis,Manousos Klapakis, Evgenios Voulgaris, Thimios Atzakas, James Wylie,Latinitas Nostra ,String Theory Ensemble ,etc.

• 12 March, 2019

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