The workshop is aimed to anyone interested in performing arts, documentary, investigation or who simply wants to discover a new way of telling stories.





Documentary theatre starts from real histories or personal expieriences and places that are involved in the creation process, in oorder to develope scenes based on real facts that are able to show silenced stories. , rebuild the collective memories and delve into reality through preforming.




In the workshop we are going to start from personal biografies and stories from Frías, to investigate the cretive posibilities of the documental, and develope some short scenes through different games and collaboration.

The worksop is based ina 100% active and cooperative method. Wer ar going to work through games, storytelling, movement, voice and imagination, allways through direct practice.




(Madrid, 1985) Musician, stage creator and art-educator in Cross Border.

Musical director of Cross Border, he develops his work in the intersection between music, scene and social transformation. He has directed community stage creation projects such as Mundo Quinta, in Espacio Abierto Quinta de los Molinos, Mundo Barrio, in CiudaDistrito de Madrid, ¡Invéntate una ópera! in Teatros del Canal, Un 6 y un 4 del Programa de residencias Levadura, or Espacio Supersónico at the Festival Teatralia de Madrid.

He is a music teacher in the upper cycle of the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid, and has taught the Taller de Creación Sonora del Laboratorio Rivas Cherif del Centro Dramático Nacional. As a trainer of trainers, he has given training in Applied Theatre in Spain, France, Bulgaria and India.

The Cross Border Project was borned in New York as a personal project Lucía Miranda. Cross Border Project is stablished in Spain in 2012, and it is an innovation, cultural and social  project composite by a theatre troupe and a School of Applied Theatre. In it´s projects they use to combine proffesional plays and developing cooperative creation through performing arts. with a big substance of local and international they have develope projects in several places such as Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Medina de Rioseco, París or Dakar.

• 10 April, 2018

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