DEFORMA’T is a personal and professional (de)training programme aimed at people in transformation that combines creative self-inquiry, education and artistic actions as spaces for vital re-creation. During DEFORMA’T workshop we will invite you to observe yourself and get to know yourself more deeply, create provocative strategies to generate meaningful learning, learn different ways of living the symbolic power of artistic expression, connect with the ability to create new solutions to your professional and personal challenges and work on the issues that matter to you.

DEFORMAT is for people who want to change things, who want to transform themselves, be better professionals, more creative, who want to break schemes and reinvent their reality. People who want to create a more positive imprint, spread powerful attitudes, develop meaningful projects and live according to their values. Professionals who want to connect with other professionals, to feel that there are more people willing to get involved in this unstoppable change, to experiment, to fall and get up to achieve it.

DEFORMA’T can be for educators and teachers of all fields, for artists, team coordinators, pedagogues, graduates in social and cultural anthropology, sociology, political sciences and humanities; monitors, social workers and integrators and also for anyone interested in creative processes of transformation from self-inquiry and artistic expression.


DEFORMA’T aims to open spaces where we can look at ourselves in freedom, play at reinventing ourselves, explore other ways of doing and not doing, listen again to our body and our intuition and connect with our inner power. Also open moments to launch ideas and action projects, unite professionals to weave a network of collaborations that generate greater impact in our communities.


WHO IS THERE? miscellaneous identity(s)

WHEN TO LEAVE TO PLAY? body, play and expression

WHERE DO YOU IMPULSE? origin and biography

HOW WILL YOU CREATE? radical creativity

WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? action and commitment

WITH WHAT ACCOUNTS? empowerment and beliefs

We want you to turn everything upside down, even yourself. Stand up and think about how you’re doing and what you want to change. Stop repeating things that no longer work and experience. Incorporate strategies that allow you to create new answers. Develop skills to generate more meaningful bonds. Connect with the strength to do that which should not wait any longer. Use creativity to get out of yourself. Listen to your body and (re)discover your sensory perception. Make a positive impact on yourself and your community. You have no choice but to risk getting there. Reinvent your practices and share your wisdom. Start rewriting the stories you’ve told yourself to date. Return to play, pleasure, celebration and intuition.


I’m getting un-covered at every step. I am passionate about artistic expression, personal transformation and creative processes. For me the engine is curiosity and discomfort. I believe that education and art can emerge anywhere and at any time. My creative biography has travelled through magic, theatre, urban dance, drawing and music.

I have a degree in percussion from ESMUC, a Master in Intervention in Systemic Pedagogy and Systemic Coaching (UB), a postgraduate degree in Sensory Language and Poetics of Play (Teatro de los Sentidos), personal empowerment courses through Grundkraft/Fil a l’Agulla and Educar Empoderando by Carlos González. I have participated in the Disruptive Education School (Invisible Pedagogies) and I have done the STAND OUT PROGRAM (disruptive professional education). Currently in training on Neurolinguistics and Strategic Thinking (Centre de Teràpia Breu, Barcelona). Creator and director of the project DEFORMA’T.

As an educo-artist I have worked in different educational fields, community artistic projects (Comusitària), music schools (Musicop SCCL), universities (Universiat de Barcelona, Universitat Jaume 1) and cultural groups and companies (Moventia). As an artist I have recorded more than 10 albums and I am currently developing my own project through recycled materials, rhythm and performance.

• 25 March, 2017

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