Dance and psychology

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Aimed to those people interested in the paths of self-knowledge and the performing arts. We welcome students and professionals from the fields of dance, theatre and therapy, as well as people who want to learn about this special link between dance, psychology and art. Age and physical condition are not a limit. Motivation lies in the development of self-awareness and the acquisition of technology that allows to open field in the conception of the artistic and the everyday.



This workshop proposes a path of creation and self-knowledge, to recover the pleasure of moving, expressing, relating and creating without fear.

What tensions have I been accumulating? what do I demand of myself? what image do I have of myself? what prevents me from moving, expressing myself, relating to freedom, listening and spontaneity? In what patterns and characters do I live and how do they move me?

The body stores the memory of all our experiences and the marks of how we have resolved those experiences. This workshop invites you to become aware of it through dance, psychology, stage play and listening, to discover your own way of letting your body-mind move in freedom.

We will cross the bridge between psychology and dance, investigating the potential of this conjunction, conceiving movement as the direct expression of the psychic event, affecting the friction points that impede the fluidity of the body.




This methodology includes and gathers techniques and conceptions coming from contemporary dance, somatic and scenic practices such as release, BMC, improvisation or meditation, which in a clear, intuitive and profound way are working the mind-body unit, and integrating, through conscious movement, the processes of loading and unloading that happen in the field of the physical, the emotional, the mental and the energetic.

In psychology we are framed in the Oxygen Process, an integrative process in psychology and psychotherapy from the Consciousness, with the objective that the person allows a realistic and effective opening to his vital yearnings.




Movement researcher, choreographer and teacher.

Degree in choreography and performance from ARTEZ- Arnhem Holland. Studied scenography and biomechanics (LEM)-technique Lecoq – with Berty Tobias in Barcelona, Contact improvisation with Nancy Stark Smith in Massachusetts and three years of Art History at UCM.

She works as a performer for several dance companies and since 2015 she has been assistant choreographer for Sharon Fridman Company: Dance Theater Bielefed (DE), Ballet Nacional de Paraguay, Theater Heidelberg(DE), Theaterim Pfalzbau Ludwiggshafen (DE), Cia Jossete Baïz- Aix en Provence (FR), Centre Culturel Jean Moulin de Limoges- (FR), Teatros del Canal – Madrid, Teatre Auditori San Cugat, Teatro Principal Antzokia-Vitoria, among others.

Teacher of somatic techniques and improvisation at Attakkalari Center for the Arts India, ArnhemseMeijes Holland, Espacio Lem Buenos Aires, Conservatorio Superior Maria de Ävila, where she tutor 6 final works, Conservartorio Marienma , Conde duque and Universidad Carlos III, among others. Created and co-directed the international dance festival Miradas al Cuerpo (MAD) for three years.

She develops several choreographic pieces of different formats, alone and in collaboration with other artistic collectives.

She is currently developing a dance, photography and identity project – “En tu piel” – for secondary school students and teachers, in several educational centres in the community of Madrid.

• 30 March, 2017

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