The level is not a problem to follow the course and the choreographies are adaptable and the most complex movements can be simplified independently to each student.



This workshop, consists of creating music with different rhythms, percussing the first instrument that always existed that is our body and also instruments outside the same as sticks, bottles, etc, including the voice.




  • The mind-body coordination.
  • Group link.
  • Personal discovery through the sounds that we can generate by percussing different types of instruments.



  • Previous warming up
  • Coordination games and concentration exercises.
  • Create music with the improvised sounds of each student.
  • Simple choreography with sticks and sticks.
  • Representation of the final choreography with music.

If Aka got this with her students of the body percussion workshop in 6 hours (2 days), we are looking forward to see what she can get in 24 hours (6 days)


Born in Ivory Coast, he started dancing as a child. He has studied in the best dance academies, he has worked as a professional dancer in the main companies of the African continent as well as choreographing for the national company of his country.

In Spain he created the group TamTam Karíbu being director and dancer of the same. AKA joined Mayumaná’s family in 2000 acting and directing as artistic coordinator in some of the different shows that she has around the world.

In 2007 he performed for 6 months in the theater “Union Square” in New York with the show “BE”. In December 2010, he performed for 5 weeks at the “New Victor” theater in New York on Brodway with “MOMENTUM”. In March 2010 he was appointed artistic director of the same company.

In October 2015, the SAMA SAMA show, created by the Círco del Sol and Mayumaná, was premiered in Madrid where he works as “Capitán” (artistic coordinator).

During these 14 years he has been living in the European continent he has taught workshops of African dance and body percussion to more than 1000 students from different countries such as Israel, Burkina Faso, Niger, EE. UU Belgium, etc.

• 24 March, 2018

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