Anyone who wants to enjoy dancing regardless of their level. No previous knowledge in dance is required.




The teaching method of Folqué is characterized by a strong opening to innovation in dance, promoting a popular dance that, without forgetting the roots, is the reflection of contemporary culture. For this reason, the two most important (and intertwined) elements that we will propose will be communication between dancers and music and the breakdown of gender roles.
The workshop will be organized in two 3-hour sessions, one more dedicated to group dances and another to couples. Both will learn the basics of dances, their origins and will apply measures to deconstruct gender roles and offer a more feminist folk dance experience.



Session 1: Group dances
In this session we will take contact with the group dances in Europe, looking at the evolution
that they had practically in all the north and western part (step of dances to circulars to
lines, dances to a fixed couple, dances with a change of couple). In this session we will see, in addition
of dance, its role in society and its most marked gender traits, learning to
deconstruct them. We will also go to observe some group dances of the peninsula
Iberian, highlighting the differences and similarities between Spain and Portugal and the rest of
Session 2: Couple dances
The second session will begin with some connection and communication exercises in the couple and
with music, some games that allow you to observe and explore the movement in music
without the need to establish norms and guidelines. We will then move on to another learning phase of
the basic passages and the simplest variations of Waltz, Bourree 2-stroke, Scottish,
Rondeau, Mazurka and Jota. In this phase we will use an approach that separates gender from the role in
the dance.
Finally, we will explore some communication exercises in couple dances for
improve the experience of dances and allow each dancer to contribute their own
style in dance.




The two teachers in charge of the classes will be Francesco Palmeri and María Cubero. Both of them
professionals with a preparation of years in dance and with great experience in the delivery of courses and workshops for all audiences.
The workshops can be taught in Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

Both professionals, created a Folk association in Madrid, called Folqué? in September 2015, since then they give a monthly level workshop in Madrid
Advanced Bal Folk and a weekly Folk Initiation Workshop, also have a weekly event every Monday: “The Monday to Folk”, where they give an open class of
In addition to these regular activities and the organization of Concerts, Festivals, Events and workshops with other Folk, Tango and Swing professionals, we highlight the dance workshops given at several Festivals throughout Europe.

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