Aimed to:

Any musician with a medium averaged minimum level interested in popular folk music.


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twos of the the most creative musicians in our country, Diego Galaz and Joaquín Sánchez Gil, are leading the course in which they´ll make u experiment a trip through the folk music from different points of views, what is going to help us  to a better understanding of our cultural from our tradicional music. It is going to help us to create and modify patterns, rhythms, beats and melodies from any part of the world.





  • Perform the works based on traditional beats (Spain, Europe and Latinoamerica).
  • Developing of musical arrangements, armonics, rhytmics and counterpoint fom traditional melodies
  • Improvisation through different methods and scales.
  • Composing folk melodies from from rhythmic patterns and different ways we had seen during the course.
  • sharing in common and working in musical combos in oder to perform and sum up all the acquired concepts.




DIEGO GALAZ was part of the legendary band “The Musgaña,” with which he has played in more than twenty countries. He plays the violin in Na- cho Mastretta’s orchestra, and he is the founder of bands like “Zoobazar”, “Exciting music from films,” and “Evening Dance.” He has performed with remarkable artists such as Kroke, Marta Sebestyen, Alasdair Fraser, Kepa Junquera, Jorge Drexler, Cormac Breatnach or Pasión Vega.

He is fiddle teacher at the prestigious “Sierra Fiddle Camp” in California, and at “Crisol de Cuerda” in Spain. He gives courses and master classes at the “School of Creative Music” in Madrid and at Barcelona’s Classroom of Popular and Traditional Music. He is director
and co-artistic creator of “Burgos Unusual Musicians and Musical Instruments.”

JOAQUÍN SÁNCHEZ GIL is a musician, disseminator and teacher. He was graduated in Musical Education by the Universidad de Granada in 20014. he is the teacher of the Flamenco Master in the ESMUC (Superior Music School of Catalunya) from 2014. He is a campaign worker int the national tv show “La Aventura del Saber” in TVE2, which is about musical instruments, acoustics and ecology.

He started Vibra-Tó 14 yeas ago, what is a proyect based in constructing instruments with recycled materials.

He has worked for Teatro Real, Museo del Prado, Matadero, Greenpeace, etc.

He combines his teaching and professional musician sides joining different tours such as Pasión Vega, Javier Ruibnal, Rubem Dantas, etc.

One of his most personal proyects are Hispanistán, which is a mediterranean and balcanic jazz fomation and Zopli2, what consists on a winds duo.




• 1 April, 2017

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