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On Monday we will enter the EARTH TERRITORY contacting our physical and energetic consciousness.

Inside there, we will discover what it is that keeps the earth in us; what it means to be rooted in oneself; what it feels like when you move in this space and what appears again in you.
On Tuesday we will immerse ourselves in the TERRITORY OF WATER feeling our field of emotional consciousness.
Within this territory we will feel the power of experience. Through it we will be able to land our reality, putting words to what we are incapable of observing or communicating, clarifying both what we feel and what we refuse to feel. In this space, sensitivity will be the way to shows us what is to be connected to a frequency as powerful as the territory of water.

On Wednesday the TERRITORY OF FIRE will challenge us to experience the field of mental consciousness.
This trip will be especially important because we ignore the value of mental field. Thanks to the proposal of movement we will recognize the true sense of being connected to our mind. Finding out what we are when we are in it and how we choose to move in relation to it.

Thursday will see the TERRITORY OF AIR and its capacity to connect to the higher mind.
When we align the first three bodies a quality appears in us to communicate with subtle spaces, imperceptible when there is no integrity in us.
In this space we will feel what it is to be aligned through movement, perceiving the difference between being connected and disconnected, in order to find the key that allows us to live from this place.

On Friday the TERRITORY OF THE ETER will open our consciousness to the conscience.
A space in which to feel one’s own space, where everything is integrated, connected, received. Where the possibility is an inexhaustible source that allows you to experience the sense by which you do what you do, being where you are.
A frequency that connects you directly with the soul.
An experience that goes beyond words, which will have a very special space to put its value into practice in our daily lives.

On Saturday we will create a MEETING OF SYNTHESIS AND LANDING, where we will be able to take the sacred to the mundane. We will live key spaces through the group where everyone can say goodbye to this journey with a clear vision and a concrete experience of everything lived, recognizing in itself each territory and its relationship with it. Identifying what it needs of each one and how it can integrate it as much in its movement as in its life.

At each meeting there will be a space dedicated to movement and reflection about experience.


Noelia Ruiz

Sintergetic body coach, dancer, choreographer, teacher of classical and contemporary dance.

Certified teacher in 5 Ritmos® 2011. Direct disciple of its creator Gabrielle Roth.

Graduated in Hands and Sintergetic with Dr. Jorge Carvajal.

Studies in Chemical Sciences, Psychoanalogy, Philosophy of the 5 elements, Bioenergy, Natural Medicine, Body Mind Centering®, Pilates, Yoga, Techniques of breathing and sound joined to the dance, Theater.

After a past of evasion through art, the 5 rhythms offered me the way back home, entering life and endowing it with meaning. Since then life and dance are the same thing. In that uniqueness, Dr. Jorge Carvajal with his “Medicine of the Soul” produced a total opening in my perspective of reality, propelling my sense of existence towards a creative space at the service of love in movement.

Inspiration in movement is my offering to life. A space of reunion and reconnection with oneself through the body and its presence in movement where the group acts as a vortex in the awakening of consciousness, facilitating processes both individually and in groups.
For me, healing is synonymous of living with integrity within what is, and enjoying that unconditional surrender. As a tireless and passionate learner, my objective in each encounter, both individual and group, is to transmit the learning of my experience in the most coherent, integral and fun way possible, in order to inspire others to find both their integrity and the gift that accompanies them. The dance brought me closer to the love for myself, allowing me to recognize the essence of the sacred in the mundane. And this is my goal. To continue inspiring from the simplicity and the daily thing, so that each one accedes to that love, and awakens this way, the authentic sense of living.

Humour and play are an essential part of space, creating the way to access the information stored in the unconscious and waiting to be recognized and incorporated into our lives. The 5 rhythms are an innate part of it, as well as each of the paths that have led me to my present moment.

A moment that invites to set in motion the strength of the group soul. It is time to attend to an internal call that many of us share linked to the care of the common-unity. In response to that voice, from Inspiration in Motion emerges The Beehive, a space dedicated to the service of the community. Where musicians, route companions and other souls who sympathize with the movement, unite in the creation of an energetic vortex generator of change and possibility for a common good.

This is my logbook, my present and my inspiration to keep walking.

The next step will be to find us.


• 24 March, 2018

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