Afroflamenco is more than an art project, more than a band of great musicians. It is a socio-cultural project, directed by the artist Sidy Samb, (former member of the band Mártires del Compás) which connects two music styles with African origins, but have branched out and developed in different continents. In this project, Sidy merges Flamenco with ancestral African music and Gypsy with Griots, sharing the same rhythm and resulting unique, innovative, contemporary and primitive at the same time, while remaining absolutely pure. The lyrics in Wolof, Lingala, Bambara, Poular, French, English and Spanish are the vehicle of the message that is conveyed. A message of encounters, fusion and roots. As a project born from their passion for music, and designed to return to the next generations of musicians in the world, part of the profits will be used to train future musicians in different destinations.

• 3 April, 2017

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