As an intercultural language

The project increases young people’s positive awareness of other cultures, as people from all over the world coexist together during the 10 days of the development phase, sharing accommodation, food and most importantly, the feeling and passion for music .

It is hoped that coexistence is more than positive because all these people have a common link that will allow them from the beginning to sympathize with each other.

Moreover meeting activities such as courses, workshops and concerts are arranged to foster cultural cohesion and have the opportunity to know the culture of our region through various courses and workshops focusing on our cultural traditions.

The project helps to prevent and combat prejudice, racism and all attitudes leading to exclusion, without this attitude could not carry out the proposed activities in the project.

The simple implementation of activities where participants will have to agree to perform the shows takes a dive into the need to respect and appreciate each other aside any kind of exclusive and racist behavior.

The project fosters a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity, since music is understood in quite different ways by different cultures and is in turn represented an element from the beginning in all of them.

From Movement for a Free Culture we show a more than tangible concern for the problems of racism, xenophobia, antisemitism and drug addiction. It is for this reason that through intercultural coexistence attendees are aware of these problems and are encouraged to continue their outreach as a key problem in today’s society.