As a social language

Music as a way to social inclusion.

One of our commitments as an association is to be able to offer a low cost / high quality training. Despite offering formations well below actual prices, we are very conscious that a lot of people can not afford  the registration price during the 10 days this gathering lasts.

Therefore, in last edition, thanks to Fundación Caja Burgos, we’ve got 10 people in risk of social exclusion participating in our gathering, thanks to 10 full-grants of 300€, including registration, intensive courses and costs of materials and maintenance.

This year our goal will be that this group of people represents at least 20% of our gathering, throught grants that make possible their assistance.

The structure of the event responds to some needs in the matter of social integration:

5 days intensive courses: small groups of 15 people, where inclusion is easier

Workshops: More open. where we will have the opportunity to connect with the 200 assistants in a freer way,  creating more spontaneous interactions.

Concerts and Jam sessions: Here we will show everything we learned in the courses, this way  everybody will have the chance to get up on stage and play in the jam sessions, in order to feel fullfilled and overcome our fears.

How to get this?

Thanks to asociations like “Promoción Gitana”, “Saltando Charcos” and “Hechos” that helped in the selection of granted participants, taking in count their connection with music. This associations are links to this people, choosing them according to experience and everyday work with them.

Therefore we need help to keep on supporting social development in Burgos.

Besides, What is Music works together with ONGD Zerca y Lejos, which has been 13 years working in full development projects in Cameroon. During the gathering, we create a space to explain what are all their projects about, and they also organize activities to raise awareness between participants.

In the future the plan is to create, with their help, a music school in Djoum, a village in the south province of Cameroon and keep on using music as a way for social development.