Ciudad Medieval de Frías (Burgos)

Located in the Burgos region of Las Merindades, and considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, is enrisca on top of Cerro de Muela, presided over by its impressive castle and its hanging houses offers a unique rural enclave frozen in the Middle Ages.

It is surrounded by the Montes Obarenes natural park and protected by the Ebro river, with spectacular mountains, forests and waterfalls, providing an atmosphere of tranquility and disconnection that helps to fully experience this experience.

But for us the most important thing and what we want to emphasize about Frías is its people, who make us feel part of the town during the 10 days of the meeting. The whole village of Frías also participates in the WIM, not only attending the concerts and enjoying the continuous Jam Sessions that fill the town, but every year they participate actively in an intensive course that brings together all the people around music.

It should also be noted that Frías is the smallest city in Spain, with a population of 263 inhabitants, which during the 10 days that the WIM lasts is more than doubled, possibly becoming the city with the highest concentration of musicians in the world …

The medieval city has all the services of first necessity, such as: Ambulatory, School, Pharmacy, Supermarket, Butchery, Fish shop and Tobacco shop, in addition to Kiosk.

How to get Frías?

There is a group on Facebook, ‘WIM Collective Transport’, so that you can share your vehicles and thus get cheaper while contributing together with the environment. We consider it is the best option because the connections in public transport are not too good.

In Frías there is a parking lot where you can leave the cars during the whole meeting.

To arrive by car we recommend doing it with the help of a GPS, and above all we recommend going slowly and listening good music to get safe and observe the beautiful landscape that we find as we come to Frías.

There are also daily buses to Burgos from Frías and / or Trespaderne (Burgos-Frías: 18,30h. Frías – Burgos: 6,30h)

This information is indicative, if you plan to come by public transport, be sure of the schedules. We are not responsible for changes in schedules, nor any problem with public transportation.