KalaKuta Show System


An eclectic travel around the world which you will never want to come back!

Milton Malone was found following a circus way to babylon, narrate that he had a raven going to and from his shoulder.

When the circus arrive to Lagos, Nigeria he dived deeply in the suburbs and was forged in the shadows of the mythical AfricaShrine, and feeded from the sweat of Jamaican Sound Systems.

Milton Malone has over 10 years behind the decks along with his main alter egos Lino di Fyah & Lino Del Fango. Nowadays he is part of the Burgos Sound System Jamaika in the Jungle, and the lethargic Anomalía collective.

KalaKuta Show System is a new project dedicated to develop the Afrobeat Culture and World beats around the globe and the Solar System.

KalaKuta Show System is what would happen if we put together a little bit of Reggae, Tropical, Funk and Jazz within an Afro-cocktail and we shake it adding some echoes and reverb inna dub style.

• junio 3, 2015

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